Miscellaneous Work

Some projects don't quite fit in a single case study (or I didn't have time to write one) so here there are in one place.

Video – Professional

Client: UBC Faculty of Forestry

Role: Business development, actor

Client:  We Hunt Buffalo/Bell Media

Role: Project manager, assistant director

Client: SKY Helicopters

Role: Social and paid media manager

Client: Agency Media (Internal)

Role: Strategist, writer, actor

Client: Tourism Langley

Role: Business development, client success, media planner

Client: Various 

Role: Drone pilot

Client: Discover Surrey

Role: Drone pilot, production assistant

Video – Personal

Vlog 1: DHL and Food Trucks

Stop Motion Video: Pac-Man Parody

Vlog 2: Helicopters, Snowmobiles and a Birthday


Airline Passenger Experience Magazine :  A Thousand Words  (  backup  )

Airline Passenger Experience MagazineA Thousand Words (backup)

Agency Media Blog :  How To Get Your Business Online  

Agency Media Blog: How To Get Your Business Online 

Agency Media Blog :  Life, Filtered

Agency Media Blog: Life, Filtered